The Hang Time Workout Manual is the training regiment engineered from the latest sports science research and personalized for all body sizes to provide athletes, students and college players, the most and fastest gains in vertical leap. This is the cutting edge of sports science and biomechanics engineering!

How it Works

The methods are SAFE and EFFECTIVE because the goal is to minimize overtraining and injuries, which is very common in other vertical training programs. We recommend a training time of 35 minutes per session for 5 time weekly. This will give you enough recovery time and energy to keep working on your game. This is designed to push your body to its limits and DUNK!

100% Guarantee

Hang Time Workout is the only product that is customizable with specific progressive exercises that will increase your vertical leap in 12 weeks and a 100% money back guarantee*. Clinical research and years of biomechanical engineering knowledge is combined for the first time to create the most effective and science-driven exercise for improving your vertical leap.

Why it Works

Vertical leap involves many variables and multiple conditions must be met to have a 40 inch vertical. These conditions are calculated using the latest training and mathematical models. Progressive training goals will let you track the gains on your vertical leap. The Hang Time Workout Manual is created from National Researchers in Bio-Mechanical Engineering and Sports Science.


“Couldn’t believe I could ever dunk, but I really did!!! The intricacies of the workout routine and the explanations gave me CONFIDENCE to believe in this program and boy did i get results!!”        -Matt K, Toronto, Canada


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