How it Works

Ever notice how all the basketball players are all skinny and lankly? You never see a big kid getting up in the air throwing it down or finishing at the rim. If it still doesn’t make sense to you, then get this: an airplane only flies because of of the engines powering the plane are powerful enough to carry its own weight and the plane. Every pound of excess weight is trimmed off to give the engines the power it needs to fly. Your body should be like that as well. Every excess bit of weight should be trimmed. Pound for pound, your legs must have enough power to carry your body up 10 feet into the air. That’s how it works.

There are various types of exercise that you will need to use inorder to create that explosive body. Isotonic (weight training) and Plyometric are the most effective for our purposes and the least effective are the isometric exercises. The various routines in the HangTimeWorkout Manual fall into the isotonic and plyometric category designed to improve your Power and Explosiveness, what necessary to take off. Also, the training programs are customized in order for you to workout and train effectively, with minimal time per day. It will also improve your strength and stamina, so you will have the energy to improve on other areas of your game as well without overtraining and injuring yourself. Its better to put in 2 sessions at 100% than 4 sessions at 80%. More is not better. This is what professionals do, they don’t train until their bodies break , just the correct and necessary amount (not those calf training soles and ankle weights! Permanently injuring your calves are just the way to go!). Save your energy for game time.

The Hang Time Workout Manual is the BLUEPRINT you will need in order to have liftoff. It will show you EXACTLY HOW MUCH and HOW HARD you need to train, to turn every pound of fat into muscle to get you up in the air. It will provide you with THE ABILITY TO TRACK YOUR PROGRESS and let you know how much to improve so you can take off and fly.