What’s Your Number?

Measuring your existing vertical:

  1. Mark the highest spot you can reach on a wall with some chalk, this will be the lower point you measure.
  2. Without running, jump by planting both feet on the ground and touch the wall as high as you can. This marks the higher point for measuring your vertical.
  3. Then use a measuring tape and measure the vertical distance between the two spots. This is your vertical before you attempt the training routine.

It is important to note what your vertical is before you begin any exercise regiments, as this will be used to track your progress. If you don’t know where you started, how will you know if the exercises are working or not?

Here’s how many inches it takes for someone that’s 5 feet 9 and 6 feet to dunk.

The diameter of a basketball is 9.5 inches and the hoop is 10 feet off the ground (120 inches)

This means you must be able to reach 130 inches if you have any hopes of dunking.

5 feet 9:

He will be able to reach approximately 7 feet 2 (86 inches). This means he will need a 44 inch vertical.

6 feet:

He will be able to reach approximately 7 feet 9 (93 inches). This means he will need a 37 inch vertical.

The different between the 6′ player and 5’9 translates to a vertical of roughly 7 inches!! It is estimated for a 6′ 3 player to only need a 30 inch vertical in order to dunk. A 30 inch vertical is roughly someone with good athletic ability without any specific training to improve their vertical.


We forgot to include another important parameter, which is the weight of the players. Not to include how developed their muscles are. When you factor in their weights and how much force their legs can exert RELATIVE to their body weight, it all begins to make sense. 10 inches might seem an eternity, but in relative proportions,  it might only be 0.2 times your body weight. This means through measurable exercise in the weight room, you are able to specifically measure what your deficiencies are and set targets to improve them. Now I know these numbers sound crazy….but consider this: the 5’9 player will weight considerably less than the 6′ player. This means he is carrying less weight to begin with, which naturally gives him an advantage as he is carrying less skeletal weight, so more power can be dedicated for lift. Read more on how the system works…

So something like 40 inches is only 10 inches extra relative to an average athlete. It really isn’t impossible to achieve but it will take hard work and effort. Yes the odds are really stacked against you, but with the Hang Time Workout Manual, I can show you the exercises you need to transform your body and overcome those odds to dunk!