Q: Will I really be able to dunk after training in just 12 weeks?
A: This routine is designed to define the physical condition you need to be when training to improve your leaping ability. By having a specific and defined goal, only then you can measure and work slowly to improve your gains. There are certain physical parameters and conditions that must be met, so its important have a training program that can help you reach those conditions. You want to be measurable and see your efforts improve your jumping ability. This is something those 100 calf raises won’t do. This isn’t a promise to “improve” your vertical. We’re here to dunk and there is a fine line between a slam dunk or a flunk.

Q: How is this program different form other vertical exercises out there?
A: Do you really think Chris Paul spends 2 hours a day working on his calf raises instead of his shot? Needlessly doing 100 calf raises will only overtrain and injury yourself. A customized and personal workout routine will give you the time and energy you need to improve your game and also you body.

Q: How does improving my vertical help if I play other sports?
A: Improving your vertical jump will give you a higher level of physical fitness and faster sprints. General physical ability is the basic requirements before working on the techniques and skills in your discipline (Soccer, volleyball, kickboxing).

Q: How tall do I need to be to dunk?
A: Unless you are physically not capable (say 5′ 7 and below) then it really does seem impossible. But so is flying. You can dunk if you put in the hard work to improve your jumping abilities. If you are reading this, then you obviously think you have a chance and we’ll help you get there, regardless of height.

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